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Iron stains, blast cells and fresh blood

Dear Ruth,

You mentioned iron stains are needed to detect ringed sideroblasts. How do you test for iron stains? You mentioned that blast counts can be measured in the blood but what test do I ask for. Have had 13 tx-2 units each time-and want to be sure I don't get too much iron.

Went to the blood bank at St. Vincent's Hospital and I now have it on my chart to receive the freshest blood available. All of us getting tx.should do this and also follow Wendy's instructions about keeping records about the tx.expiring dates. One unit I received was expiring the day after I received it! And the other unit one week later. For two weeks I felt lousy.

Take care.
Monica dx. MDS-RARS-9/03--Procrit, Neupogen and Vidaza didn't work.

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