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Ferritin level above 7000

Hi, I received a call from my Doctor's nurse late on Friday saying they received my tests back and my ferritin level was in the 7000 range and so my doctor wants me to start on Exjade. I will get the information this week and see if my insurance will pay for the drug. I do think this is very high and want to lower it as soon as possible. Also my doctor is ordering other tests which I will get on Monday, but don't know what they are yet. Obviously I worried about this all weekend, but hope to speak with my doctor and see where to go with this on Monday. I ready at another website that exjade can have some side effects, but the high ferritin level is also very scary. Any thoughts on that?

Marlene how long did it take for your husband to start producing some of his own platelets and blood after the hy cy? I have been waiting 5 months and am still totally transfusion dependent. I keep hoping.
Maggie (56 year old woman) diagnosed with severe AA in January 2006. Treated May 2006 with High Dose Cytoxin, Nov.2008 had BMT, both at John Hopkins. WBC & Platelets now normal, RBC near normal, still high ferritin level.
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