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Originally Posted by Marlene View Post
Hi Maggie,

My husband did the Hy Cy at Hopkins also. He's in a partial stable remmission. I think it's good idea to have your local doc check your ferritin levels now to see where they're at. If they're above 1500, I would consider starting cheation therapy. It's better to stay on top of it if you can. John's shot up quickly. But he was transfusion dependent for two years. He's on Exjade right now and his FE is at 2400.

Dear Marlene
My wife was on transfusion for 2 year and undergo iron chelation with Exjade her ferritin was moving up and down between 1000 to 2000.she received 3 units of blood every 6 weeks .is there anyone reading this message able to tell me what is the target level of ferritin withsuch transfusion and Exjade treatment Robert my wife was dx with RAEB in end 2004
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