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I do recall seeing a study that Bailie was referencing that showed a response rate of up to 70% when Vidaza was used in conjunction with Revlimid in RAEB - 2 patients.

Revlimid trials in non-5q patients have had overall improvement in 25-30% of participants, with almost all of the success coming from patients that fell in the intermediate and lower risk categories - almost no positive response in high-risk patients without the -5q.

All of this from memory, so I wouldn't quote it as gospel, but I believe my memory to be correct here.

Also, I was curious as to what additional information they were trying to obtain by having a more accurate chimerism test. It seems like you are pretty much 100% donor, or you are not, and you are either trending toward it or away from it, so what is the benefit of knowing down to a more precise percentage? When I have seen other members post a chimerism that was falling or rising, it was usually pretty precipitous in decline, and firmly upward when rising.

Good luck on the trial and keep us posted on your progress.
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