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Corona Virus

Thank you Pearl, you're a life saver!

With the corona running around, I think I will self quarantine for 14 days when I reach Houston.
The corona has reached and spread in Tokyo a bit too much, schools are closed (my teenager is whiling away on youtube), employees remote working (my husband is at home on his laptop) and masks are totally sold out.
People are now doing what we have been doing these past years, washing hands, wearing masks, avoiding sick people. So it's so natural for me now.

How is everyone during this time? I hope you keep safe on trips to the hospital.
By the way, my hayfever has really gone. Really gone. I read somewhere of a person who recovered from HIV because he had a transplant for leukemia ! Isn't that cool.
Anyway, where is everyone? Please drop in and let us know how you are dealing with this virus.
Lots of prayers for everyone in the forum.
Female born 1965, diagnosed MDS RAEB1 in August 2016, watch and wait for 9 months. Sibling match - Stem cell transplant in June 2017. Some GVHD skin, liver, stomach, esophagus.
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