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Wink How is Remdesivir?

Hello John
Thank you for the info, and what did the doctor say about Remdesivir?

I will be flying to San Francisco today for some procedures to complete, my signature is needed. There's an overnight stay at Seattle on my flight back. I don't think I can sleep at the airport, maybe a nearby airport hotel. Anyone in Seattle with a recommendation?
I read that California's cases have risen. Just hope there's no lockdown.

I have put all my meds on my carry-on luggage, with a prescription. A lot of masks to change, and hand sanitizers.

I googled Goodsons Tomball. The food looks good, will be for next year or the year after. Something to look forward to.
Take care everyone.
Female born 1965, diagnosed MDS RAEB1 in August 2016, watch and wait for 9 months. Sibling match - Stem cell transplant in 2017.

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