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Clofarabine trial

I hope that this treatment works for your mom. My husband has been on Vidaza for 3 months. He will finish his 4th round of treatment tomorrow. His doctor is very pleased with how he is progressing. His counts are up and holding. He hasn't had a transfusion in almost 3 weeks and feels so good.
I know that he will be doing the Vidaza for as long as it helps but I want to be ready for something else if Vidaza stops helping. Would be interested in
how your mom does on Clofarabine. Keep us updated. What hospital is she in and where are these trials being held?
You are in my prayers and they do work!
Ann, wife of Henry 73 year old dx 6/30/09
Ann, wife of Henry 73 year old diagnosed MDS, congestive heart disease and pulmonary edema..
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