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Clinical Trial - Clofarabine

We are doing the clinical trial at Baylor University. Currently we are in a hospital in Texarkana, TX because we didn't feel my mom could make the 3 hour trip back to Dallas to treat the pneumonia. I'm waiting for the doctor to come in and let us know if we can be released. Our next appointment in Dallas is Monday. Mom's platelet counts are falling every day. They were 11 on Tuesday. Today they are 7. White blood count is less that 0.4. It fell that low with the Vidaza treatment too. Right after the first week on Vidaza my mom caught a cold from my dad and wound up in the hospital for three days. Her WBC have never really recovered on any treatment so far.

I will keep posting updates as we go. This is not what I expected to happen to my incredibly strong and active mother.
Mimi, daughter of Lucy age 77, diagnosed MDS Jan. 09; Vidaza Jan 09-Jun 09 no improvement; Clofarabine clinical trial Oct 09-Feb 10 mild improvement in blasts; blasts 4% in Aug 09; 30% Sep 09; 2% in December; 30% in March; AML diagnosed April 2010 .
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