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Probably, Ayurveda is the only remedy that cures leukemia with out side effects, especially AML, APML, MDS, granulocytic sarcoma and lymphoma. Chemotherapy is not required. While modern man made medicine is capable to provide only remission, survival period mostly short term, with medication/chemo/radiation afflicting bad side effects, and disease relapsing, how is it if the ancient Indian remedy cures leukemia! Ayurveda leukemia treatment works much faster than all other treatments. Blast count comes down to 0% level and bone marrow starts functioning normal. BMT/SCT is much inferior than Vedic healing when the efficacy of treatment and the harsh negative effects that the new age treatments often give to physiology are rationally overviewed. One is giving Punarnava (new life) and the other one is giving miseries and darkness. One is giving complete perfect recovery, the other one temporary remission. One is good, the other poor.

This healing program is based on the oldest tradition of knowledge in human history, the Vedic tradition of India. Maharishis and masters have handed down the Vedic knowledge from generation to generation for thousands of years.

(I am a Vaidya, and writing this with dew diligence. Glad to extend support to newly diagnosed patients, patients in remission and those on wait for BMT. Relapsed diseases, secondaries and GVHD are of course hard to treat. Each patient should be taken care of in person independently. Regular observation is essential. Formulations processing is elaborate.)

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