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Hi Amberb,
I can't tell you the science behind why this works this way, there are others on here who may but I can tell you its not much different then my son or many others I read about here. Trevor is your age and had his ATG in late March. We stressed over the numbers everytime they came out which at one point was 3 x week. We would try to understand why this number went up or that number went down over and over. At about 4 months Trevor was independent of transfusions and his numbers began to stabalize. He now gets them drawn every 2 weeks and they still go up and down. Here are his numbers for the last 3 cbc tests over a 4 week period. WBC- 3.6,2.4,2.9-- Hgb- 9.6 , 8.6, 8.6--Plt-100,98,113 ANC- .8,1.0.. As you can see almost 6 months later the numbers go up and they go down. It is also clear to us now that the 3-6 month thing is really just getting started. This is a longer road than that but you can do it. Talking to people on this forum, knowing that there are others with the same thing going on, helps relieve some of the stress about this. You hang in there. Hope that helped.
Jody, mother or Trevor 23. Diagnosed VSAA 3/11 , ATG cyclosporin 3/11 response 6/11, Relapse 1/13, Round 2 ATG 1/13
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