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My ANC is fluctuating between 0.2 and 0.5, so i'm on Levaquin, Valtrex, and Diflucan until it comes up over 1.0 and still have to continue neutropenic precautions. my WBC is 1.2 most recently, but 4 days prior it was 2.2. my platelets will go up to the 40s after a transfusion, but within a week be under 10. i've been having platelets every week and a blood transfusion every other week. they check my blood twice a week, and it's different every time.
Amber, age 24, diagnosed w/ SAA and treated w/ horse ATG 7/11, rabbit ATG 1/12, on cyclosporine. Started Desferal infusion for iron overload 7/12.
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