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Mixed chimerism after BMT for AA anyone?

My daughter had a BMT for AA in August of 2010-sibling donor. Things went well & she's been doing great with normal counts. Until January 2013. Platelets down as far as 26 & we are basically in transplant rescue mode-after 2.5 years! We have known that she ended up with mixed chimerism (donor cells plus her original cells both present). It had been stable since transplant, but now shows an increase in her cells. As her cells go up, counts go down.

Currently trying Prograf (couldn't tolerate cyclosporine), which has stopped the freefall, but has not increased her counts.

I know AA pts can have mixed chimerism because of the "gentler" conditioning. Anyone out there with any experience with mixed chimerism causing late problems? Results?
Connie, Mother of AA daughter (age 21) MSD BMT 8/2010; struggling with dropping blood counts in 2013 after 2 great years. Second BMT 11/4/13.
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