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Vit B12 levels


My mothers B12 levels in Apri/May 2013 were 200-300 (normal 200-800), as this was on low normal side, she has been supplementing with 500 mcg oral Methylcobalamin. Her B12 test this week shows a level of 1200, which is far above the normal range. Her folate levels are normal.

Some concerns are:

B12 being water soluble, should the excess not have been removed by the body naturally?
Could the supplement have caused such high levels, she has discontinued the supplement, and will test again after 2 weeks
Does transfused pRBC contain high B12?
Could there be some B12 utilisation issues, which is why its still sitting in the blood instead of being utilised?

Thanks for any suggestions.
Mother age 79, dx MDS RCMD low risk del 20q April 2013, no response to EPO, Danazol. pRBC tx dependent - 2 units every 3-4 weeks, exjade Dec 2013 - Mar2014, restarted Dec 2014
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