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Originally Posted by Marlene View Post
My personal opinion is that a 1200 level is not problem when supplementing with B12 in that there is no danger to high-normal or high levels. .
Thanks Marlene. Reading this is a relief, i was getting anxious about how it could go so high. Hopefully, the next results will be closer to normal now that she is off the supplement.
As a supplement she was taking Methylcobalamin, which is the bio-available form of B12. In the meanwhile, I have also got her Thorne Resesarch Methyl Guard, which has methylfolate and B6 as well. But she can try only once B12 level returns to a mid-normal level of around 500, as you have suggested.
Incidentally the hematologist says that transfused pRBC contain sufficient B12, and there is no need to supplement with B12, I am just wondering if the high levels could be a combination effect of the transfusions & supplements.
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