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For what it's worth... I asked my hematologist about getting tested for the MTHFR gene and he said it wasn't worth it, that a lot of people have the defect. I tried different variations and combinations of B12, B12 injections, methyl folate. B12 injections made me feel like crap at first I thought it was the flu shot that I got along with the first injection but I felt very tired the 5 weeks I got the injections. So I stopped that as it had no real affect on my CBC. I went back to the Jarrow methyl B12, at some point early last year I added Jarrow Methyl folate basically it had the same affect as the b12 injections, felt tired all the time. So I stopped that and it cleared up. I couldn't make much sense on the information on this that out there on the internet I might give it another try at some point and see if there is a combination that would be helpful and I might get the MTHFR test from my GP. I had my B12 and folate tested last month B12 was 870 with the jarrow b12 dissolved under my tongue for at least 30 min I take 2 pills a day. Didn't take it for a few days b4 the test. I started the dissolving routine on a whim from what I read somewhere that it works better. My folate from last month was 12.3 ref range 3.1-17, he also ran something called folate RBC and that was 885 in a ref range of 500-1500. On my 60 day folate supplementation test my cbc stayed steady no swings either way. I assume there is something up with the way i process the methyl but have decided not to monkey around with it too much right now. my CBC's have been stable rbc 4.8,hgb16.6,mcv99.5,wbc3.3,plt91 over the last 12 month. I started a paleo diet and a combo d3/k2 mk7 supplementation along with the B12 around the same time late last year. My RBC and hgb improved a bit plt's and wbc stayed pretty much where they were before that. One thing that I noticed was the CBC results from different labs consistently vary if that makes much sense, so not I only look at the labs from the hematologist and those are stable. So now I don't get excited when my platelets show 120 at my local doctor since now I assume that it's variations in his equipment and not a real number.
Tom- 62 yrs old, dx-eosinophilic fasciitis 2004, 1 yr prednisone resolves EF- now low counts, HGB has been ok... EF has been associated with MDS along with AA.
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