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Though it did not seem right earlier, it seems that there is definitely some connection between the transfused pRBC and Vit B12 level. 3 weeks after discontinuing the methycobalamin supplement, B12 levels are still 1200+. There is no dietary source of B12 and B12 levels prior to dx & transfusions was 200-300. Homocysteine is 13.52(ref range 5 - 15).
As advised by Gramous & Marlene in earlier posts, a high B12 may be beneficial, but could there be some other reason for this high B12 value which needs investigation?

Thanks for any information.
Mother age 79, dx MDS RCMD low risk del 20q April 2013, no response to EPO, Danazol. pRBC tx dependent - 2 units every 3-4 weeks, exjade Dec 2013 - Mar2014, restarted Dec 2014
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