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I am a cold war veteran (1958-1962) and have no idea of what I was exposed to. I am 50% disabled so I am priority 1 for medical treatment and get all drugs free. VA doctors are a mixed bag. The best one found a 95% blockage in my LAD and fixed it after 6 other doctors over 4 years given the same symptoms ignored it. The worst was an oncologist who agreed that I had very high risk MDS and a transplant was my only hope. She then said the waiting list for transplants was so long that I would be dead by the time my number came up.

The proposal you attached is typical government speak. As I understand they will grant 100% disability from date of transplant for 6 months. At that time they will re-evaluate. Will they give 6 months retroactively? If the transplant was a success then you lose your disability. In my case I have chronic GVHD that does not really cause me any disability so I would be evaluated at 0%. They already provide all my drugs for free.

If you are cured from leukemia what would your basis for a claim be? If you have leukemia I would think your claim would be based on that. If not being treated for MDS then you have no claim for MDS.

To get a claim approved you need all three of these:
eligibility by your military service,
diagnosis of a "condition," and
evidence that the condition started during your military service or, if your condition was preexisting, that it was aggravated by military service.

From the VA proposal with cured MDS I am not sure how to address having a condition.

I have been successful in filing claims and helping others, so feel free to ask. You can get free help from your local VSO.

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