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New diagnosis, new member

I am newly-diagnosed with highest-risk MDS brought on by chemotherapy. Starting vidaza on Monday, but it doesnít make much sense to me, as most of what Iíve read about vidaza suggests it is effective for a limited time, perhaps 2 years. At that time a transplant would be my only option. Iím 72. It seems to me it might be wiser to have the transplant as soon as possible.

I had pretty much made up my mind to ask my doctor about this... but Iíve just read details about the procedure, and it truly sounds... appalling. With ongoing risks; as if one is never really out of the woods. Yet without it I doubt I can live 2 years. I have a rich, lively life and a 3-year old granddaughter I want to see grow up! I keep returning to the thought that the transplant is really my only choice. Iím not ready to say, Ďok, two more years, thatís it.í And if I wait Iíll just be - older, and sicker!

But the transplant sounds - well, terrifying.

Iíd be grateful to hear from folks whoíve had transplants, or anyone who wants to weigh in!

Thanks everyone...
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