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New Member/Biopsy ???

Hello, Thank you for allowing me to join the group. My name is Brian and my Mother and I are caregivers for my 75 y/o Father who was recently diagnosed with MDS. He is currently receiving Procrit shots and started Revlimid pills on Monday. I am still trying to learn all I can; I had allot of questions for the Oncologists who answered some of them. They told me he was high risk and he was not a candidate for a Transplant. When I asked what sub-type was his MDS she told me they do not type them anymore which did not seem right. I bought up to my Dad maybe we should get a second opinion and he is adamant that he does not want to do that. I was able to get a copy of his BMB report, which states the following:


46,XY, add(5)(q13)(2)/44-47,idem,-7,-9,add(15)(q22),-16,add(17)(p 11.2),+21,+1-2mar[cp16]/46,XY[2]

Cytogenetic analysis shows abnormal male karyotype. Two cells show additional unidentified material on 5q, resulting in deletion of 5q, and a composite of sixteen cells show this change as well as loss (monosomy) of chromosomes 7, 9 and 16, additional unidentified material on 15q and 17p, resulting in deletions of 15q and 17p (TP53), a gain (trisomy) of chromosome 21 and one to two unidentified marker chromosomes, indicating clonal evolution. Two cells show a normal karyotype.

Can anyone help me interpret what this means? Sorry for the long postů
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