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Thank You

Thanks Everybody for your replies... I went with my Dad Friday to his Oncologist appointment. We saw a different Dr. and he answered allot of questions. He said right now he was RAEB-1, and said we might want to consider starting Vidaza. They did his blood work and his Hemoglobin was 5.3 so they had to admit him into the hospital and after his transfusion they got it up to 7.4 and released him to the rehab hospital. My Mother broke down last night because he wont eat and he keeps telling her all this is futile that he wont be coming home. I know its hard on her, they have been married for over 50 years I know he is discouraged.

Any suggestion about getting him to eat? I know the condition and the medication zaps their appetite, its hard to see him wasting away like this.
Thanks again for the replies, and letting me vent a little, I was not trying to be a butt but was a little in shock and was not getting answers at first from Dr.
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