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I was offered this trial but decided it was too far to drive (106 miles) since I could get the azacitidine close to home. I was also told that it could hinder my transplant process for quite some time(insurance issues) so I opted out. But even if your husband just gets the azacitidine I have to say that the results have been remarkable for me. My hemoglobin went from 10.2 and has been holding strong at 13.8 and I feel so much better. Initially his counts will drop but it is wonderful as they start coming up. Tell him to drink lots of water it is very dehydrating.Best wishes!
Vera, 56 yo female Dx RAEB II 10-08, 11-12% blasts. Normal chromosomes. Started Vidaza 10-08. . Improved Dx 3-09 MDS RA 2% blasts 8 cycles Vidaza! SCT transplant 7-1-09 at UCSF. Normal bone marrow and MDS free as of 10-09
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