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Vidaza Constipation

I use milk of magnesia every night before bed after literally screaming through the first cycle and being scolded for using an anemia! You know infection worries! I keep water by my bed stand and Make myself drink whenever I think of it. Stools are watery but it is better than being impacted!! Ron has a major battle going on in his body..I never want to give it up but rest is always the best remedy!! Glad things are progressing better!
Vera, 56 yo female Dx RAEB II 10-08, 11-12% blasts. Normal chromosomes. Started Vidaza 10-08. . Improved Dx 3-09 MDS RA 2% blasts 8 cycles Vidaza! SCT transplant 7-1-09 at UCSF. Normal bone marrow and MDS free as of 10-09
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