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Cheryl I love your strength God bless
Well his mix is still like 80/20 but I guess we need to just accept and be thankful for that and it doesn't have to be perfect 100/100 as long as it dosent dip more he can be healthy in that range..
His counts are all in normal range except WBCs but neuts are w no complications of GVHD and as Cheryl mentioned We thank God Methodist Donors and the support of y'all and family
Heather, wife of Ronald 36; dx PNH 2012; Dx VSAA 2013; eculizumab(Solaris) hATG 2/20/13 cyclosporine 400 mg daily. 37 units RBC and 15 units of platelets. Post BMT -pentam,vorconizole,valtrex, valcyte, actigall, Pepcid , prograf, magnesium.
10/10 MUD 10/10/13
Now no PNH or AA. Mixed Chimerisim
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