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Hi Rarity -
It seems so counter-intuitive to not do something doesn't it? We have always been told that the earlier you catch cancer the better chances for survival. I am an action sort of person and found it incredibly difficult to just W&W. At one point we even made the decision to go to transplant while my husband was healthy in order to give him the best chance possible. A totally separate health issue arose that prevented the transplant and we are looking at that as a blessing in disguise. After he recovered from his multiple surgeries, his MDS symptoms began in full force and he was started on Vidaza. So don't forget there is another set of choices out there - medication. He has been lucky and not needed any transfusions except one during his first round. At this point we are certain that the Vidaza is doing more good than harm. As of yesterday - Day 1 of Round 9 all of his counts were normal! But just to hedge our bets, I have tasked his docs to come up with a cure for this disease in anticipation of the Vidaza not working at some point
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