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Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone,

I finally got a chance to answer messages, the baby has been pretty fussy lately. Pretty sleep deprived right now.

@ Marlene: Iím going to see my Naturopath this week; Iíll ask her to order some tests to check the nutrient levels. I never knew that about the h.pylori bacteria; Iíll ask her to test on that too. Thanks for the doctor recommendations. I live in the Seattle area (currently being seen at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance) but Iíll contact them to see if theyíve run across any patients with a history like mine. Current cell counts are:

Hemoglobin- 8.6
Neutrophils- 0.76
Hematocrit- 26%
RBC- 2.7
WBC- 2.46
Platelet- 13

The weird thing is that out of all of the areas, my white blood cells and the neutrophils slowly keep trending up. Not sure if this is a good sign or if Iím reading too much into it.

@ Samantha: Yes, I was diagnosed with a bone marrow biopsy while I was pregnant. I think my cellular itís was 5%. Iíd have to look back at my paperwork but I remember I was diagnosed with a ďmoderateĒ case of AA according to the doctorís chart. I thought it was pretty early too after the delivery for another intense treatment/procedure. One question you made me think of was, how long does it take a womanís body to return back to normal after pregnancy and breastfeeding?

@Hopeful: That does sound possible, about the C-section affecting recovery time. I am very concerned about getting treatment; Iíll definitely seek out a second opinion. Maybe someone more knowledgeable will have a better plan course of action for me to take.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!
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