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@Marlene: Hi Marlene- Thatís really encouraging to hear about your husbandís experience (and others) with the upward trends in their white then red blood cells. I never knew about that! That does give me hope and I havenít had that in awhile, thank you.

Iíve heard of the reticulocyte count but what is ARETIC? My naturopath is looking into my prior tests to check on minerals and nutritional status. I remember having a lot of tests early on, not sure if this was done or not. Iíll ask her about the Spectracell if nothing turns up. I found an AA specialist with Fred Hutchinson for a second opinion, currently getting an appointment scheduled. Ah, sleep, Iím definitely not getting enough. My mother has been in town helping out and I should take advantage of that. I feel like I have so much to do; Iím just used to being busy and itís hard for me to stop and take a break. It sounds silly but I might just need to schedule nap time in for myself so I can get some rest.
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