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Most with Aplastic Anemia never know what caused the disease. We are exposed to so many toxins over a life time and the damage doesn't show up for years. Many toxins accumulate in our body over the years.

If you could find more natural products, that may be the way to go. We have gone organic and the least toxic route for all our personal care products. Just don't want to add to the burden placed on the body to detoxify things that don't belong in it.
Marlene, wife to John DX w/SAA April 2002, Stable partial remission; Treated with High Dose Cytoxan, Johns Hopkins, June 2002. Final phlebotomy 11/2016. As of January 2017, FE is 233, HGB 11.7, WBC 5.1/ANC 4.0, Plts 90K.
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