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Thanks for your replies. I was wondering if I was alleging fraud because I was annoyed with her and her rudeness or whether it was really fraud. Sometimes I question my own thinking because I know I have some cognitive problems.

I did ring the doctors surgery twice to give them a chance to admit to a mistake but I received a phone call from them yesterday afternoon and the secretary told me that the doctor stands by her item number and fee. Apparently the doctor feels that she had to look at an MRI report (not the MRI, just the one page report) and send a letter back to my GP and that's how she justified the fee.

I had no choice but to report the doctor to Medicare for fraud. I feel very anxious about having done this.

I haven't been having any treatment for about two months because the treatment for the allergy to the treatment () was horrible. I decided to have a break and see how I felt about returning to daycare and doctors and ambulances and drugs etc etc after I had a respite. The attitude and demeanour of the neurologist the other day has confirmed in my own mind that I am definitely developing some sort of anxiety disorder about illness, doctors, hospitals etc. I think I probably need some professional help with this but that would mean attending more medical appointments and I just can't do it! I have had episodes of feeling like I can't breathe and I've had to sit in the middle of the lawn at three in the morning just to stop the panic of not getting enough breath.

On a purely physical level, I'm surprised I'm doing as well as I am without treatment but I can feel that I am deteriorating a little over the last three weeks or so. I have had a lot of neuropathic pain for the last year or so and it's wearing me down. I asked my old neurologist for pain relief and he refused. I asked my GP for help and he wouldn't prescribe anything without a neurologists approval. So I went to this new neurologist and she said "your GP will deal with that". So a year later I'm still in pain, I still have no treatment and I am seriously thinking of self medicating with whatever I can get my hands on.

Besides the panic attacks (), I have enjoyed my last two months of freedom and no matter what happens in the future, it was worth it.



I found this description of Tim number 132 ........the doctor didn't meet any of the criteria


Professional attendance of at least 45 minutes duration for an initial assessment of a patient with at least two morbidities (this can include complex congenital, developmental and behavioural disorders), where the patient is referred by a referring practitioner, and where
a) assessment is undertaken that covers:
- a comprehensive history, including psychosocial history and medication review;
- comprehensive multi or detailed single organ system assessment;
- the formulation of differential diagnoses; and
b) a consultant physician treatment and management plan of significant complexity is developed and provided to the referring practitioner that involves:
- an opinion on diagnosis and risk assessment
- treatment options and decisions
- medication recommendations

Not being an attendance on a patient in respect of whom, an attendance under items 110, 116 and 119 has been received on the same day by the same consultant physician.

Not being an attendance on the patient in respect of whom, in the preceding 12 months, payment has been made under this item for attendance by the same consultant physician.

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