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CBC result questions

Hi there! Iím new to the forums, and honestly Iím not sure what to even ask...
I recently went in for a routine physical with my PCP and I had lab work done. I let my doctor know that I had some heart palpitations over the past several months, felt overly fatigued, and had a few migraines. I also have recurrent UTIs. Other than that, Iím fairly healthy.
A few days after my appointment I received my CBC results and there were a few things that were alarming to me. High MVP, lower WBC, lower RBC, low platelets, and poikilocytes +1/hpf. I went ahead and shared my information with a few of my medical professional friends, and they said that if they were my doctor, they would definitely refer me to a hematologist. I called my PCP and sure enough, they wanted me to see one.
My appointment isnít until the 14th of March and I am driving myself crazy trying to figure out what is wrong, or if I should be concerned. I was hoping someone could shed some light on my situation (or non-situation).

Thank you!

WBC: 4.8
RBC: 4.2
Hemoglobin: 13.5
Hematocrit: 40.3%
MCV: 95.3
MCH: 31.9
MCHC: 33.5
RDW: 12.6%
Platelets: 118
MPV: 14.9
Neutrophils: 56%
Lymphocytes: 34%
Monocytes: 7%
Eosinophils: 2%
Basophils: 0%
Immature Granulocytes: 0.1
Neutrophil absolute: 2.68
Lymphocyte absolute: 1.60
Monocyte absolute: 0.35
Eosinophil absolute: 0.1
Basophil absolute: 0.02
Immature granulocytes absolute: 0.01
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