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Good Luck

Dear Linda,
Good luck tomorrrow and I pray the "Dose Six" is the lucky number! ;-) Sounds like you and Al made a good decision. And, Al is lucky that his only problem right now is the PLT counts. My husband, Ron, began the MDS journey with all problems.... Low Reds, Whites and PLT! so, all were affected. Ron was considerd low-risk as he was what is called Ringed-Sider Blasts MDS... but, the Moffitt doctor didn't think Ron was low risk in the beginning, before the Vidaza caused favorable response.... Ron always had a low risk to transition, and that is what REALLY surprised us when he did transition from MDS to AML.

Of course, always remember, as I was told. MDS patients share the same symptoms, but, due to DNA differences, everyone really has "Different Diseases".....

Good luck & stay in touch!
Hugs, Cindy
Cindy, wife of Ron 66 dx w/MDS(RARS)Feb'09,Vidaza 13mons. BMB 2/10 -5q/increased blasts. Watch/wait May-Jul10. Revlimid Jul-Aug10:A-Fib. BMB Aug18, 12%blasts. MDS to AML. Induction completed 9/21/10. BMB Oct10:CR. Consolidaton:10/25/10. Dacogen Dec27-29. SCT on Hold. Fevers/Nt sweats Jan11.
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