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green teamay platelet dysfuntion cause

green tea may cause platelet dysfuntion

Originally Posted by Greg H View Post
Hi All!

I've seen a couple of comments on various threads about green tea and iron. What I have gathered is that green tea reduces absorption of iron in the gut, but doesn't actually remove iron that's already accumulated elsewhere in the body

Does anyone know whether it has a similar effect to reduce absorption of copper or zinc? Or is the absorption effect iron specific?

I drink 1.0-1.5 liters of green tea a day, and also take 900 mg of Bluebonnet's EGCG Standardized green tea leaf extract.

If all this is reducing my iron absorption, I'm not too worried, as my transfusions will likely take care of that issue. But it would be un-nice if it was also messing up my already deficit copper or messing about with my zinc.

Anyone have insights on this one?

Take Care!

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