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Iíve been diagnosed with MDS by BMB. Iím currently stable with almost normal blood numbers. The only consistently very low line is lymphocytes. Mildly anaemic (was transfusion dependant until the last few months) mildly Leukopenic (used to be severe on GCSF).

I had a skin biopsy done on what the GP thought was a skin cancer but the results have come back today as Sarcoidosis. Iím now being scheduled for a whole heap of other blood tests, scans, ECG, eye exam, etc.

Obviously Iíve Googled Sarcoidosis and itís signs, symptoms, prognosis etc. I see where itís thought to be a T lymphocyte immune mediated disease.

I was wondering if anyone on this forum has been tested for or received a diagnosis of sarcoidosis too. Also if thereís any established link between auto immune diseases and MDS. Now Iím questioning my MDS diagnosis. SLE is common in my extended family.

I guess itís a waiting game again until all the new test results are back.
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