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I know I lost some weight when my blood counts were low, I don't know if it was lack of appetite, or the fact that my blood couldn't transport enough nutrition.... But I did lose about 5 lbs... Once my counts got better (after chemo - Dacogen) I was able to and did gain back the weight and then some... I did so for my impending BMT...

I never had a problem with taste until I had my BMT chemo...

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Does anyone know if loss of taste is related to anemia? Also do you experience weight loss with anemia? I have not received a diagnosis yet but have Hgb 11, HCT 30.6, Rbcs 3.0 . Bone marrow biopsy revealed normocellular with ringed sideroblasts. Any ideas?
Married, father of three daughters; now 46; diagnosed w/ Major form MDS 6/18/2013; had low counts across the board; Multiple chromosome abnormalities; Finished 2nd round Dacogen 9/13; SCT - Oct. 31, 2013; Sibling match 10/10 ; 5.5% blasts down to 3%, now 1% (post BMT)
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