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The short answer IMO is yes. I couldn't find the study but by increasing B12 of some MDS patients with low normal B12 blood serums values, they recovered normal counts. Blood serum testing of B12 is the least accurate way of confirming a deficiency.

I really feel you need to optimize your nutrition. Whether or not it reverses the disease process, you need proper nutrition to heal and withstand treatments.

Key blood nutrients are iron, B12, folate, B6, copper, zinc, D and K2. If they haven't been checked, ask for the tests. If you are supplementing now, you won't get a true baseline. It's always good to stop any supplements at 4 days prior to blood draws.

If you search this forum for B12, there's a lot of threads addressing it.

Using the most bio available forms B12, folate and B6 should be considered in the off chance you have some genetic mutation affecting the ability of your body to fully utilize them.

There is another member on this site dealing with serious copper issues. Search on Chirley to read more about her journey.
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