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Bone Marrow Result questions...

My Daughter is 10 and has a twin sister. Twin is fine, but we have had bone marrow biopsy #2. The doctor she is seeing does not take more than 5 minutes with us. She is so busy.

My daughters report says things I dont understand and I am wondering if we need to see a different doctor regarding these results.

megakaryocytopoiesis observed; megakaryocytes show nuclear hyperchromasia and hypolobation. M/E Ratio 2:1

Mature lymphocytes is appreciated

Mild Dyspoiesis

Should I be looking into this at all or is it alright? My daughters wbc is low at 2.2

Can anyone explain what this means to me? My daughters doctor is taking the wait and see what happens approach and I am getting tired of that. It has been one year of this. And her hips and bones are hurting her when she swims in a pool and when she runs. Any Advice would be great.

Thank you.
Cathleen (Hanna's Mom) Hypocellularity of bone marrow with mild dyspoiesis. Leukopenia No diagnosis yet.
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