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Dear Cathleen,

Here is some information to help you understand the terms from your daughter's bone marrow biopsy (BMB):

Megakaryocytes are the precursors of platelets. They mature in the bone marrow through a process called megakaryocytopoiesis. Your daughter's BMB report describes her megakaryocytes (i.e., her immature platelets) as having an abundance of DNA in the nucleii (hyperchromasia) and being poorly shaped (hypolobation). Hypolobated megakaryocytes could be associated with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) or newly forming megakaryocytes that are being rushed into the bloodstream to make up for the destruction of platelets due to ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura) or other platelet disorder.

I think "Mature lymphocytes is appreciated" is a jargon-y way of saying her white cells appear normal.

"Mild Dyspoiesis" means that her bone marrow cells are not maturing normally.

"Hypocellularity of bone marrow", as you have stated in your signature line, indicates that her bone marrow is relatively empty for her age. Typically, cellularity is 100 minus your age. A normal ten-year-old would have cellularity at 90% or more.

I can see from your earlier posts that you have contacted City of Hope. Have you taken your daughter there yet? It is definitely the place to go for a better try at a diagnosis -- and much more attentive doctors. I've been treated at City of Hope since 1996 and had my transplant for MDS there in 1998.

Hope this helps.

Diagnosed AA 10/96, MDS/RA 6/98, MUD/BMT 10/6/98
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