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Hi! I live in Brisbane & had a BMT on the 6th of March this year at the Royal. I had MDS that progressed to AML. I, too have had many transfusions but about 3 weeks ago for the first time since I was diagnosed in feb 2012, all my blood counts were in normal range!!!! (Hgb has been sitting at 115 for 3 weeks now)!! Not sure about for AA but I did participate in the telephone forums for MDS run by the leukaemia foundation.
Sharnie, 37yo, dx Mar 2012 RAEB II 13% blasts. 8 months of Vidaza. Transformed to AML in Nov 2012, induction chemo, no remission. 2nd lot of chemo, remission achieved. SCT with 8/10 match, Mar 2013.
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