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Thanks, all. I see Dr. Dale Bixby at the University of Michigan and he tells me he's treated 30 T-cell LGL patients. I'm fine with that, I guess... Dr. Bixby is young (he still plays hockey in a local, Ann Arbor league).

I've been to see the eminent Jaroslaw Maciejewski, M.D. Saw him in September, 2014, and at that time, he hinted that something malignant was going on in my bone marrow, but he told me he'd defer to my local hematologist. For some reason, the name of Lech Walesa came up between us and we got into quite a *discussion* about this former president of Poland. Dr. Maciejewski is really too young to have a comprehensive memory of the guy, and I'm not even Polish, but.. Well! It was, to say the least, an entertaining and memorable appointment! I will say, though, that entertaining and memorable appointments with whomever are the rule rather than the exception for me. I try to leave 'em laughing, at least.

I think right now, the liver failure from the hep. C-tainted, ATG-related transfusion back in 1987 is causing me more of a problem than the T-cell LGL is; at least, it's more painful and symptomatic.

Thanks again.

Margaret, SAA patient diagnosed 1972; ATG 1987; moderate AA for years; hep. C from transfusion 1987; now SAA is back.
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