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Thanks, Triumphe64. Yes, Dr. Maciejewski is an *interesting* fellow! He was discoursing on a lot of different topics at my appointment... Of course, I'm a talker, and he's a talker - my appointment could have gone on for hours but for the fact that they were turning off the lights in the clinic on us at the time. It's funny how you can meet such disparate types at the Cleveland Clinic. I've been to other clinics there where absolutely no such pleasantries were possible.

I did not know that about his mother! Fascinating!

I've been to the Facebook group's page & found it quite possibly helpful, if not something to jump right into at this point. I sent a request to join so I can see the posts.

Cheers as always,

Margaret, SAA patient diagnosed 1972; ATG 1987; moderate AA for years; hep. C from transfusion 1987; now SAA is back.
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