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Hi Peter,

My husband (with SAA) is having the same problem with high ferritin levels, he is now edging towards 3000. This combined with Haemochromatosis is a double whammy. He tried Exjade and just couldn't take it at all. And the hospital cannot explain why levels are rising, even though he also injects Neorecormon 30000 (EPO) weekly which is proven to reduce iron.

I have also taken note of Neil's post and the alternative chelation drugs
for follow up here in Ireland with our team.

On an alternative path I read in this forum that taking Wheatgrass can also bring down iron levels (from patients own experience).
We are going to try this through juicing on a daily basis....can't do any harm and may even improve his nutritional levels!

best of luck
Barbara wife of Patrick age 60, Diagnosed SAA Jan 2016, 2 Treatments of ATG partial response, continuing with Cyclosporine.
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