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Originally Posted by Meri T. View Post
Hello everyone,

This June will be post transplant 3 years ! Today, my blood counts were good, WBC 5.9 RBC 3.94 Platelets 172
My liver counts are still high, and I have nausea some times, I itch a lot too. I have chronic GVHD skin, liver, stomach, and esophagus. So so hope my GVHD will burn out soon.

I will be moving to Houston this April, looking at insurance now. From an NIS point of view, the US insurance is really hard to navigate, what with premiums and advantages, I totally respect the US people on how you do it. I have stopped working ever since my transplant, I guess my meager savings will just melt off !

However, I am really excited to go. I got my green card 3 years ago, together with my leukemia diagnose, so I decided to do my STC here in Tokyo before heading off. A very good choice. With the NIS it was affordable.

Any any advice is welcome.

As you probably know there is good news - Houston is home to the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Thee are many places to start and this seems one of the best ones.
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