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Hi Meri T,
It's been over two years since I posted on your thread here. I'm sorry your chronic gvhd issues have persisted but I'm hopeful that new ways of fighting chronic gvhd are being developed. I hope your gvhd does improve over time.
I wonder if you have relocated to Houston by now?
The covid 19 has been a strange experience. We are in NJ, the second highest state with Covid cases, after NY. I'm 43 months on watch and wait with CMML and have been fairly stable so definitely will stay indoors for as long as it takes. I read that with a compromised immune system due to blood disorders we are probably 5 to 7 times as vulnerable to the virus as the general population. We have been ordering our groceries from a local store that delivers, and also shipment of non perishable items from Amazon, Target, Walmart and BJ's. My wife dons gloves and uses clorox wipes to wipe down all the items, then washes her hands with the gloves on, and washes them again with gloves off, and uses clorox wipes to wipe off all the doorknobs. It's a bizarre ritual, but we are trying to be as safe as possible.
We participated in a virtual birthday party last night for my cousin, with 10 others plus my cousin and her husband, using Zoom, a sort of SKYPE for multiple users. The party lasted an hour and a half. It occurred to me that maybe this is how people will communicate if we populate the moon or Mars.
I have enjoyed catching up on all your posts. Wishing you the best going forward from here. Good luck.
Originally Posted by Meri T. View Post
Thank you Pearl, you're a life saver!

With the corona running around, I think I will self quarantine for 14 days when I reach Houston.
The corona has reached and spread in Tokyo a bit too much, schools are closed (my teenager is whiling away on youtube), employees remote working (my husband is at home on his laptop) and masks are totally sold out.
People are now doing what we have been doing these past years, washing hands, wearing masks, avoiding sick people. So it's so natural for me now.

How is everyone during this time? I hope you keep safe on trips to the hospital.
By the way, my hayfever has really gone. Really gone. I read somewhere of a person who recovered from HIV because he had a transplant for leukemia ! Isn't that cool.
Anyway, where is everyone? Please drop in and let us know how you are dealing with this virus.
Lots of prayers for everyone in the forum.
Age 73. April 2016 diagnosed with SMZL (splenic marginal zone b-cell lymphoma). In remission after 8 weekly infusions of Rituxan. Got 4 more weekly Rituxan infusions in Jan., 2019. Sept 2016 diagnosed with CMML-1. Presently on watch and wait.

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