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Originally Posted by Meri T. View Post
Hello John,
I freaked out. CoV cases in Houston was giving me stress, maybe that's why my gut went awry, diarrhea so bad I lost weight, and felt faint.
I called a doctor that was recommended, check up was 1850$, blood test 500-5000$ depends on what she wanted to check. Appointment the next week.
I saw the cost, and the timeline, and found I couldn't survive for the appointment, so that night I booked a flight and flew back the next morning for Tokyo, met my hematologist the next afternoon and got my blood counts. In Tokyo it was 80$, doctor, blood test and meds.

It was scary. Let's see, when I came to Houston I was fine, but as my gut gvhd worsened my red cells and platelets had gone down, calcium levels low, and lots of stuff were bad. That's how fast gut gvhd works.

I am fine now, lost a lot of weight. My husband is worried, he insists I stay in Tokyo awhile before flying off. Especially since coV rates have worsened in Texas.

How about you? How is Dallas?
Meri Tokuhara

I am truly sorry to hear about your bad experience with both personal health and American health health care.

Even with my top shelf employer sponsored insurance plan I still have a $6000 annual deductible. Right now I am only able to work part time and paying Cobra premiums of $700 per month.

Dallas CoV rates are not as bad as Houston but its a relative relation of worse vs not so worse.

Good to hear you are better now and your husband is giving you good advice. Tokyo is a safer place to be right now with CoV than Houston.

I had asked my Oncologist/Hematologist about how many of his BMT patients had contracted CoV. He said don't quote him on this because the data is antedotal but of the 9 patients all had survived and were doing ok. We also discussed how CoV is similar to GVHD and the new treatments involve immune suppression as CoV attacks your organs. I have an appointment on Monday and will ask about any outcomes for Remdesivir for BMT patients.
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