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Thanks Meri, yes I learned very early not to make any changes! A couple weeks post transplant I used a different detergent because my old one was unavailable. Ed got gvhd in a pattern (collar, cuffs, underarms, belt...anyplace fabric would be tighter) that made it clear to me was detergent. The nurses kind of shrugged off my suggestion about the detergent but nonetheless I now always use one "clesn" detergent (no scent, no dye, no additives) and no fabric softener.
That's why I am concerned about the vaccine. Anything new and different seems to set him off!! We also try to make life as boring and predictable as possible!
Well he has surgery in a couple hours for that blood clot. Prayers please!!
Kathleen, adoring wife of Ed 67 yo, Dx April 2017 MDS RAEB2, no chromosomal mutations, as of August 2017 only supplement therapy, living and loving each day.
October 2018 started Decitabine, "exceptional response", MUD HSCT May 7, 2019.
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