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People live with platelets levels of 50 for years and live normal lives. 50 is not that low at all..... Please do not get transfusions with your platelets that high. Try to supplement with vit D3 to stabilize your platelets and maybe they won't drop any more,, vit D3 made my platelets rise after about 4 months of taking 4,000 mg a day. I also do raw food diet, juicing, and occasional organic meat. If I were you I would just clean up my diet and detox through coffee enemas & juicing. I am going to try my first coffee enema soon just ordered the stuff online. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, aspirin, carbonated drinks, vinegar, fermented foods, and any other blood thinners.

One more thing,, the people with AA who have juiced and ate a clean diet have noticed that no matter how low their platelets get they have little to no bruising,,, even the few times my platelets reached 8K last year I had no bruises on my entire body. NONE. no mouth sores or gum bleeding either. sometimes the red spots on my chest or arms,, but they clear up fast.
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