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Hopeful (et al.),

I wanted to follow up on the Cyclosporine treatment, since you were helping me with it. My son stayed in the 260ish level for the last two weeks. Yesterday his level shot up above 400 so they are lowering the dose to 1 ml two times a day.

I really wanted to thank you for warning me about the WBC count and the prednisone. He weaned off the prednisone a few days ago and his WBC counts dropped from 6000-7000 back down to 2800. Oddly his ANC went UP with the WBC drop, because the 6000-7000 was 90-95% lymphocytes, which was higher than he had even going into ATG. So I think it was the prednisone bumping up the count. I think they were true white blood cells but not the type we wanted :-p So thank you for warning me. I didn't feel at all upset when I saw the 2.8 number because you had warned me to expect it.

His reticulocyte percent is above 1% though, which I'm taking as a good sign! It was sitting at 0.4-0.6% prior to ATG.

Thanks and Take Care!
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