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Cool Procrit

I was told I had MDS back in 2007. It was by a doc who was not an oncologist, and I basically ignored him. In 2011, I had a CBC ordered by my PCP. He referred me to FL. Cancer in Spring Hill, FL.

I took Procrit 20,000 for about three months, got discouraged and stopped.
Near the end of 2011, I was again referred to FL. Cancer, had a bone marrow aspiration (Not the most fun you'll ever have) take the knock out drug, I didn't and it's very painful.

Started Procrit again at 40,000 level, then 60,000 for about six months. Nothing much happened, although many of my blood counts were up and down and all over the place. Even my body temp went all over, which had never happened except with sickness, and my blood pressure jumped around.

My hemoglobin fluctuated between 10.5 and 8.8. Usually in the nine somewhere.

I felt fine taking it once a week, but it was not effective for me. I just started my first week of Vidaza, but that's another story I'll get into in future posts.
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