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Originally Posted by David M View Post

As my hematologist said in my last visit, all treatment options have risks and side effects. You have to ask yourself if it is worth the risk for the potential improvement you might see? Or if you have reasonably high counts and are stable and have a good quality of life, is it better to continue on "as is" and avoid that risk until absolutely necessary?

For me, as we discussed the various treatment options available and their associated risks, it was obvious that to continue "watch and wait" is the best option in my case. I have been pretty stable for 10 years, and although my counts are low, and although my stamina has certainly been diminished, other than that things are pretty good. All available medications, transfusions, transplant options, etc. would introduce unnecessary risk. But this is my situation, not necessarily yours (or anyone else's).

In your case, I suppose it also depends on where your counts are -- and what kind of complications you are suffering from your pancytopenia. It all gets back to risk vs. reward, and if it is reasonable to take risks at this point in your case.

There are worse things than living in "watch and wait" mode!
Hi David,

Yes and no. Of course watch and wait is a good option if symptoms of pancytopenia are acceptable. But maybe I miss a good chance to get a remission or healing now that I will not have again if things get worse in 10 years. BMT for example is much more successfull in younger years and I can imagine that the side effects of IST are also more bearable when you are relatively fit. So if I know that things will get worse, it might be better to act sooner rather than later. Now I know nobody can tell me what the future will bring and there might also research advances in the next 10 years, but i am interested to get as much information as possible to make the best decision for myself.
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