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Dx 2/18/09 - Fully results not yet received.

Thank you for your concern & questions.. it helps me sort all of this out. My husband, Ron was just Dx 2/18/2009. He was told by his local Hemotologist/Oncologist he has RAERS and we don't have the IPPS (Risk Factor yet). Evidently, the DNA test are still in progress. We asked for a referral to Emory Medical Center (2nd Opinion, plus a teaching Medical Center that deals with Cancer & MDS).

On 2/26/09, we met once with the Emory Medical Center Chief Hemotologist/Oncologist and he said he wanted his own Pathologist to review my husband (Ron's) entire record/Bone Marrow Results, etc. and do his own count (% blasts, etc.). He believes Ron is somewhere between RA and RAERS. He started Ron on Procrit through our local Hemotologist, etc. and has asked for us to come back for a follow-up in 30 days from initial appt. Then, he'll have a plan of attack with his own numbers, etc.

He did explain that a patient with RA responds to Procrit more so than a patient with RAERS. He said, if, in fact, Ron has RAERS, there is a slight possibility he may respond, but, not a definate. Ron was tested for "Epo" and was very low on it.... it was very low... under 200 if I remember correctly.

Once all tests results are completed & we meet 3/27/09 to review everything, then, we'll have the plan outlined and we'll proceed from there. We do like the doctor there, and have decided, instead of doing the back and forth between docs, we'll opt to stay at Emory. It's too confusing to flip back and forth...

I'll give you an update on 3/27/09 or shortly thereafter. I'm not sure how people reference numbers here, because, his wbc total count were 790 last time we went in, but, I'm supposing that may be .79? His Hemoglobin was 8.8 two weeks ago before first Procrit shot, then, they also gave him 2 units transfusion 3/06/09. Then on 3/11/09 his Hemoglobin was 10.4 Also, his platelets were 105 when first diagnosed, then down to 98, now at 85. His wbc have been up and down... 700, then 1500, then 990, then 790... crazy and all over the place. He takes daily antibiotics right now to help fight off infections. He's had a cough (non-productive) since Dec'08.

Heat Doc has tapered his Atenenol (25mg) to every other day. Also, they've taken him off his 325mg aspirin he use to take 30 min before his Niaspan. He's running a low grade fever and sweats a lot at night from the neck up only. Two days ago, his family doc reduced his Niaspan from 2000mg to 1000mg daily.

What I plan to do is really talk with the Emory doc on 3/27/09 about all of Ron's meds. He had a mild angina type heart-attack 8 yrs ago and has been doing great. Med controlled hypertension & cholestral lowering meds too. He also takes Lipitor. I personally believe he's on way too much meds right now... also taking Flomax for Enlarged Prostrated approx 8 mons ago. was on Advodart until I bugged the doc to take him off it if no longer necessary. Was taken off that back in October...

Sorry about my jumping around... so much to sort out, etc... I'm taking notes and have a lot to discuss on next follow-up. Will update after appt.
Again, thank you! Cindy
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