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Dear Helen,
Thank you for reminding me of the good things :-) We had a full day at Emory today, but, Ron's blood counts had come up a bit from wednesday on their own... prayers starting to kick in :-) His HGB went up from 8.9 on Wed to 9.3 today. Ron decided he'd participate in the Clinical Trial & we're both at peace with it. We did a lot of paperwork today and he had another BMB today and his 4th Procrit shot, oh yeah, and they took approx 14 vials of blood from him for tests, etc... pre-trial stuff. On Mon he'll get an EKG & some X-Rays, then, hopefully on Wed he starts on the clinical trial. Will find out on Wed if Ron receives the test drug MS-275 along with the 10-Day Dose of Vidaza on a 28-day cycle. Will update...

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